GUS 30 oz Tumbler Review

This 30 oz. option, put onto the market by Gus, is a well-priced, high-performance travel tumbler. Made from stainless steel, this tumbler is an ultra-tough option that comes in a bundle which adds to the value. As well as the tumbler, this bundle includes two lids, one of which is spill-proof, while the other is a sip lid. Also, a SS straw is included.

Like many of the top-of-the-line tumbler choices made today, GUS promises 24-hour ice retention, and in most circumstances this tumbler delivers on that bold promise. The double wall vacuum insulation provides sweat-free temperature retention, so that your beverages stay at the ideal temperatures in which they are poured in. The stainless steel remains at an even temperature on the outside, which exists independently of whatever contents are inside of the tumbler– this stainless steel is thicker than most of the other tumblers on the market, creating a sturdy, reliable product. The 18/8 stainless steel is also completely resistant to corrosion, so there is no risk of its contents being contaminated with anything harmful to your health, or harmful to the taste of the contents of the tumbler.

The best tumbler is environmentally friendly in that it is BPA free and built to be unbreakable– theoretically, this GUS product could last you a lifetime, and more! Each of the included lids is made from shatterproof polycarbonate. The straw is also shatterproof, so there should be no reason to ever need to purchase replacement parts for this cost-effective option… Speaking of the price, this tumbler is priced extremely competitively, as GUS prides themselves on making high quality products to sell for an affordable amount of money.

In general, this is a very tough, sturdy, and dependable tumbler with impressive ice and warmth retention. As far as high-end 30 oz. tumblers go, the price makes GUS’ tumbler hard to beat. The bundle that is included, which allows you to choose between different lids for different occasions, and comes with a straw, makes this a unique choice of tumbler, and adds value.

I would highly recommend this tumbler if you are looking to spend under $50 on a great product. Many of its competitors are priced at at least $20-30 more than the standard price of this tumbler, and the money saved by going with this GUS tumbler in no way is detracting from the quality of the product being purchased.