Help To Grow My Business

So, it has finally come that my little business has grown to the point that we had to start reaching out and using external sources to facilitate our level of growth. It feels nice, but it’s also a little bit scary, if you know what I mean, because it is no longer a humble little shop that has no expectations. People are beginning to invest and expect big things from my idea, and I’ve never been in this situation before. No, naturally, I’m unsure on what to do regarding my new software needs. I need some programming done, I actually need some customized software developed, and I’m not quite sure where to go with it. A good friend of mine sent me in the direction of an esteemed IT outsourcing vendor, which I thought was very interesting, but I am interested in also looking at offshore options. Not because I think they’ll be any better, actually I’m prepared for them to be a little bit worse in some ways, like communication which I can only assume is a nightmare if you’re working in a different time zone as a company and also not speaking the same first language…. But, however, I am counting on the fact that the quality of work would be high and that we would be able to get over any communication issues. But, I’m also thinking that I might just be more practical to work with a local company. Even a company within my city. Then, I would be able to have actual meetings with them as well as online communication, which would not be possible with a foreign company unless I was willing to fly there. Depending on the country that might sound very nice actually, but I don’t know if it’s in the cards for the immediate future, so if you have any insight on the pros and cons of offshoring versus domestic Outsourcing, please let me know, because I am totally researching everything I can learn about it right now but it is always better to hear the opinion of someone you know and someone you trust.