Loving my new gadget


I just bought a new gadget to add to my collection of cameras. I bought 360 grad kamera so I can capture really nice pictures when I am out of town or when I am in the streets doing street photography. Actually, my boyfriend advised me to buy one as he has already and when I borrowed his, I was really stunned. He said I should buy one for myself so we bought can enjoy using our own 360 cameras.


I just love how it perfectly captures images like no other cameras. It is also perfect to use for people who are traveling and who is always on the go. Before, I prefer using large cameras or just settle with my mobile phone but i guess traveling is not all about selfies and all. I guess the important of capturing moments while traveling is also seeing its beauty and being able to share it to other people who have not been there. Tue to this, I shared some of my photographs to my friend in the social media and a couple of them went to the island already. Al because I captured a really nice spot they totally love. They even thanked after. What a good way to start my week. How about you? Do you love having new gadgets for photography as well?