Main Reason Why You Should Keep Your Eyes Open for Eddystone Beacons

If you are a beacon lover or an IoT developer, you should have many reasons to believe that Eddystone has great potential to rule the beacon industry. If you are not convinced, then here are some of the detailed reasons why you should keep your eyes open for Eddystone beacons.

  1. Eddystone is supported by major beacon vendors

Eddystone is not only supported by Google, but other major beacon vendors also support it. From to BKON, Blue Vision, as well as Astimote and Radius Networks among other major beacon vendors all support Eddystone. In fact, all these beacon vendors had Eddystone beacons and SDK in place in 2015, just few weeks after its launch.

  1. Eddystone is ready to use

Unlike other technologies that companies are still promising to happen, Eddystone is already here and it has happened. So, you can go ahead and start developing apps for Eddystone now, you can order beacons today and deploy them. The fact that all major beacon vendors support Eddystone means that hardware and software development tools for the same are readily available for you.

  1. Eddystone is totally cross platform

Because the specification is open, it therefore means that libraries and applications can be easily implemented on any mobile platform provided the platform can use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In fact, implementation for both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are readily available.

Eddystone got a major boost in the beacon industry when Google announced its support for it as well as the Physical Web in the mobile Chrome browser. What does this actually mean? Well, it means that you can be able to explore Eddystone beacons in an extremely easy way. If you are a web developer, then I bet the launch of Eddystone was one of the best news you can ever received in the world of app creation.

  1. Eddystone is an open standard that innovates the use of broadcast data

To start with, Eddystone is simply a specification of an open beacon protocol that was released under the Apache license. Well, there is nothing special when it comes to how Eddystone broadcast messages because it does that using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). However, what makes Eddystone special is that the broadcasted messages are extremely flexible. Furthermore, Eddystone send out different types of frames when broadcasting messages and thereby enabling multiple messages types. The use of different types of frames is an innovation of a kind especially when you compare it to iBeacon, which uses just one type of frame.