New Resourceful Camera Filter

I’m totally into the whole camera filter thing. I know a lot of people who aren’t, and that’s their problem, in my opinion. Seriously, there’s no point being pretentious about it. If you can take a great photo with your cell phone, and accentuated goodness by using a filter, I see no problem with that. In fact, I am actually very impressed by it. It didn’t used to be a bad thing to be able to achieve at a high level without maximum resources. Resourcefulness, as a matter of fact, is absolutely essential, even for major corporations if they want to succeed. II that you stop being resourceful, and begin using too many resources, is the moment that inefficiencies are officially tolerated within your organization. That is a place that no organization should get to. In my opinion, I think that people should stop being afraid of amateur photographers becoming Superior to them. If they want to remain as professionals, they have to redefine their act, or just get so good at it that there is no way that they can be dislodged by a skilled group of amateurs. No, it shouldn’t be hard, but this is very tough for a lot of people to comprehend, especially if they have been living in security for a long time, refusing to adapt. In fact, I would suggest a good old phone photo and filter treatment for a lot of great photographers who have become too precious about their equipment. No, it is not the equipment that makes a photo great. Though, decent equipment is required for a photograph to be any good, usually. Generally speaking, at least. I still do believe that it is not necessary to spend $10,000 on photography gear, especially if you are just starting out or nobody is buying that gear for you.