The best 360 cameras and their exclusive features

Introduction to 360 cameras

There are two types of 360 cameras which are the single lens and dual lens. As far as the single lens camera is concerned it captures the content with very good quality while the double lens camera tags the content in an efficient way.

There are some 360 cameras which require connecting with high-end smart phone in order to work while there are others require a desktop or a mobile application.

The uniqueness of 360 cameras

If you are looking to do a great shoot-out then going for the right 360 cameras is not an easy task. The good news for you is that there are plenty of options to buy some of the best 360 cameras as they are available from $300 to $50000.

The viewing angle is one of the most important features to look for while buying a 360 camera. As a matter of fact it is not certain that every camera of 360 will give you an angle of 360 while shooting. Surprisingly there are 360 cameras of renowned companies that just give you a viewing range of only 240 degrees and too vertically. In few 360 cameras you can put graphics in place of the missing angle if you want to get a spherical image.

Types of videos which can be shot using 360 cameras

You can shoot monoscopic and stereoscopic videos from 360 cameras.  The videos which generate 360 degree images of a shot are called Monoscopic videos like You Tube and Face Book. On the other hand we have videos in which the video has very good visual quality due to the presence of 3D images of a shot. This video is called stereoscopic videos.

Some of the best 360 camera

The best 360 camera has many amazing features. One of the 360 cameras lets you shoot in 1080 p HD at 30fps for about 30 minutes. This camera also lets you live stream your videos and as a bonus you can transfer footage to a mobile without taking the hassle of connecting to a PC.

There is another best 360 camera which has very good features. This camera comes with a combination of 180 degree f2.0 fish eye lenses and this comes with 15 megapixels. With the help of this 360 camera you can shoot two super size videos or images.


Thus we see that the best 360 camera comes with some extraordinary features. The quality of videos and images taken by this camera looks so real that you feel yourself involved in the situation.